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The Logan City School Board recently approved a policy allowing recognition of transgender identities in unofficial records, among other things.

This is the first time the LCSD has codified policy for transgender students. According to Superintendent Frank Schofield, the reason for adopting the policy was to “provide direction to building administrators and counselors as they work with transgender students and their families.”

“We want to provide support to students and their parents, while ensuring consistency in our response to their requests for changes to school records,” he stated. “This policy helps us do so.”

Maria Maughan is the president of the transgender support group at the Cache Valley Pride Center. She said that although this policy is a step in the right direction, using “transgender” as a blanket term omits the particular concerns of some gender minorities.

“It has nothing in there for nonbinary and genderfluid students,” she said. “It straight states that it’s for transgender students, and that’s not necessarily an all-encompassing term.”

Maughan also added that she thinks part of the problem revolves around the Western idea of binary genders and how the policy reflects that by only using the terms “transgender boy” and “transgender girl,” but none of the other terms.

“It’s a step in the right direction,” Maughan said, “but I think it’s going to be met not necessarily with a lot of backlash or hostility, but I think it will be met with a lot of reservations from different parents and stuff from around the school district.”

The newly added Section FB of the Logan City School District online policy manual explicitly defines “assigned gender” as “the gender designated at the time of birth and may also be thought of as the gender corresponding to the individual’s original physiology, or biological gender” while “gender identity” is “the individual’s internal sense of gender, and ‘identified gender’ refers to the gender that matches this internal sense.

Gender identity can be shown by information including but not limited to medical history, care or treatment of the gender identity, consistent and uniform assertion of the gender identity, or other evidence that the gender identity is sincerely held, part of a person’s core identity, and not being asserted for an improper purpose.”

Additional definitions include gender expression, transgender, transgender boy and transgender girl.

LCSD will not disclose a transgender student’s status without the student’s consent unless authorized by the superintendent. Unofficial records will reflect a student’s chosen gender identity, but official records cannot because of Utah state code.

In classes and activities separated by gender, a transgender student will be grouped by gender identity. If school activities require overnight travel, the transgender student and peers will be taken into consideration for lodging arrangement.

The same goes for the use of facilities. Single-user restrooms and changing spaces will be available to a transgender student, as well as the opportunity to use the facilities at a different time than other students if they or another student feel uncomfortable.

Finally, transgender students engaging in sports have to comply with Utah High School Activities Association rules and policies. LCSD will allow the student to participate according to their gender identity given that the gender identity is “bona fide and not for the purpose of gaining an unfair advantage in competitive athletics.” The school will not disclose a transgender student’s identity to UHSAA without consent.

“Our hope is to provide consistency in our response to transgender students,” Schofield stated, “and to ensure that school staff are communicating with students and parents as we strive to provide a positive school environment for transgender students.”

The full policy can be viewed at this link:

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