teacher parade

Hannah Williams, who teaches fifth grade at Bridger Elementary School, participates in a teacher parade on Thursday in Logan.

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Communities have sacrificed many of their long-running traditions to slow the spread of COVID-19 — but they may be starting new traditions, as well.

The Logan fire and police departments organized parades where teachers decorated their own vehicles and drove through seven routes throughout the day Thursday. Children and families picked spots along the routes to wave back.

Josie Perkins has three daughters who go to Bridger Elementary.

“My kids really miss their teachers, and they love their teachers,” Perkins said. “It’s really great for them to be able to see that their teachers are still thinking about them. And it’s important to us as parents, too, because we know that the teachers that were great to us when they were in school are still being great to them while they’re not in school.”

The parades started out with police cars and a fire engine, followed by dozens of teachers’ own vehicles decorated with balloons, banners and liquid chalk.

Liz Dickenson, who’s preparing to step into the role of Wilson Elementary principal next school year, said seeing teachers and students together — though at least several feet apart — has meant a lot.

“It’s been great,” Dickenson said. “That’s why we do what we do. So I’ve loved being able to see their faces and wave to them and say hi to them and get to know the teachers.”

Bridger parent Luis Maldonado said the parade was a good way to show students that teachers are thinking about them “even when times are rough.”

“It’s a good idea,” Maldonado said. It “shows support, shows recognition for everybody to see all the schools and what we have here.”

Wilson Science Specialist Channah Freeman said she and fellow educators got teary-eyed several times during the parade.

“I just feel that we love them and we need to support them as much as they’re supporting us,” Freeman said. “So it’s bringing us together. So it’s really neat, mentally good for both of us.”

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