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Mt. Logan Middle School underwent a brief lockdown on Thursday morning after vehicle was stolen at the school.

Logan City Police Chief Gary Jensen told The Herald Journal a 12-year-old student stole a Nissan Armada SUV and drove off-campus for around nine minutes. Jensen said the SUV is believed to be owned by a staff member at the school.

According to Jensen, the student piloted the the vehicle into a picnic table, a utility pole guy line and a tree. The student is being referred to the juvenile court, Jensen said, but the specific charges, at this time, are undetermined.

“As I understand it, (the vehicle) was a total loss,” Jensen said.

Jensen said the school was on lockdown for around 15 minutes, and was in a hall-check status — where students are permitted to move from class to class, but cannot leave the school building — for an hour and a half as officers assessed the damage.

For Jensen, Thursday’s lockdown and last week’s lockdown at Logan High were caused by nontypical events.

“It is unusual,” Jensen said. “That being said, we’ve had two (lockdowns) in a couple of weeks.”

The good news, Jensen said, is both incidents were managed quickly with arrests. What adds more difficulty, Jensen said, is managing the rumor mill.

During Thursday’s lockdown, Jensen said untrue stories circulated of a gun being involved as well as officers storming a classroom. Lockdowns are intended to keep children safe, Jensen said, and may be implemented in a variety of circumstances that may or may not involve firearms.

“I think people jump to that conclusion,” Jensen said. “There’s a caution to be had with rumors.”

Last week’s lockdown at Logan High School came after bystanders reported a man pointing a gun at two teenagers and then attempting to walk into the school. During the investigation, the man said after he saw the teens steal a child’s bicycle from his yard, he chased them down and pointed the gun at them. Bystanders told police he ordered the girls onto the ground and they complied before running away while he put the bicycle back into his pickup.

The man saw one of the teens had left a backpack behind to flee, and the man picked it up and attempted to carry it into the school. A bystander, unaware that at that point the man had left the gun in his truck, told police dispatch he was headed for the school. A resource officer met him inside the school’s entrance and determined he did not have the firearm on his person at that time, but not before the incident triggered a brief lockdown as a precaution.

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