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Staff at the Nora Eccles Harrison Museum of Art are working on new events and activities as a way to encourage the public to visit the recently-remodeled space on the Utah State University campus.

One of these programs is Thursday Evening Music at NEHMA.

“Music brings magic to every experience. Art is magic, music is magic. So they are just a beautiful combination,” said Terry Guy, the museum’s development and events coordinator.

On Thursdays museum is open until 7 p.m., two hours later than most nights.

Katherine Taylor, the public relations and marketing coordinator for the museum, said it is an ideal time to visit the museum.

“The parking in front of the lot is free, where it would otherwise be more enforced. And then you’ve got some time outside of your regular schedule, your workday, to come and appreciate some artwork,” Taylor said.

Taylor said something she enjoys about having music at the museum is that the acoustics allow it to be heard throughout the space.

“So even if you are not in the lobby, if you are just wandering through looking at the artwork, you can still appreciate the music,” Taylor said.

Thursday marked the second week of the new event, and music was provided by Holly Conger, a local guitarist who graduated from Utah State University. She said she has always appreciated the art on campus and hoped her music did the museum’s space justice.

“It’s a wonderful combination to have art and music in the same place,” Conger said. “They are two of my very favorite things so I am really excited about that. I love this facility so much and I think being able to play here with these beautiful acoustics is going to be really nice.”

Guy said she has known Conger for a long time and is excited for the opportunity to bring musicians like her into the museum’s space.

“This is just the start and it’s a hard time to start because it’s summertime so we don’t have many people here, but I am hoping to continue the program starting in the fall and just keep it going every Thursday evening,” Guy said.

Three more events are scheduled throughout the summer. The schedule is as follows.

July 11: Robert Linton, guitar.

July 18: Amy Thatcher, violin.

Aug. 8: Amy Thatcher, violin.

More information can be found on the museum’s Facebook page.

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