logan grad walk

Wilson Elementary students congratulateLogan High graduates as they walk down the halls on Thursday in Logan. It is a tradition for the graduates to return to the elementary school they attended to be honored.

Excitement filled the eyes of elementary school students, faculty and staff as the graduating seniors from Logan High School walked the halls of the school dressed in caps and gowns.

LHS seniors had the option to visit the elementary schools they attended across the district as part of the Logan City School District’s “Senior Wave” event.

“It’s a really, really fun event for the Logan High seniors to go back to schools that they attended as elementary students, not only to show the younger kids what the end result is, but the most touching part for me is to watch teachers see those seniors come back and them have many times have a connection,” said LCSD Communications Specialist Shana Longhurst.

The seniors were welcomed with a candy lei and applause and cheers. They gathered in the entrance to take a group picture before walking the halls once again.

The students at Wilson Elementary School lined the hallways, cheering and smiling as the seniors walked the halls high-fiving the elementary students. Some students held signs with hand-drawn pictures for the seniors congratulating them for their accomplishment.

LHS senior Nicole Jensen said she was glad to be back and see many of the Wilson students.

“I am so happy,” Jensen said. “I love these kids at the elementary school. My mom and sister both worked here, so I know a lot of the kids here and I am so happy to be back.”

Some seniors recognized their elementary school teachers, pausing briefly to hug them. At the end of the walk, Jensen chatted with teacher Sue Ann Smith, with whom she bonded with while at Wilson.

Jensen said she was also happy to see some of the teachers who taught her in elementary school.

“All the teachers we had before, we can say hi to them again and wave at them,” Jensen said. “Show them that we really made it.”

The event has a positive effect on the teachers as well, Smith said, because they see what became of the elementary students they taught.

“It keeps it real for us second-grade teachers to know that our students go on and graduate and are successful,” Smith said. “It’s so awesome.”

According to Longhurst, LCSD hopes to continue the event as an annual tradition so the seniors can be a positive role model for the elementary kids.