Summer seniors welcome

Logan Summer Citizens visit with community members and business representatives during a welcome fair on Thursday in the Taggart Student Center at Utah State University.

It’s that time of the year again when the majority of Utah State University students leave the valley for a few months and the Summer Citizens come to town.

“One of the things that is exciting this year is I think we have record attendance,” said Linda D’Addabbo, the program coordinator for event services at USU.

As of Thursday, D’Addabbo said there were more than 830 people registered for the 2019 Summer Citizen program in comparison to 785 people last year.

Entering its 43rd year, the Summer Citizen program is designed to provide individuals over age 55 an opportunity to enjoy Logan as a summer destination. Classes, tours, cultural and outdoor activities are offered through the university and other local businesses and organizations.

“We offer something that is unique,” D’Addabbo said. “Utah State University has the lifelong learning philosophy, and not all universities cater to people that are beyond the normal student age.”

This year D’Addabbo said she is especially excited about the new “Islam in the Modern World” course and an astronomy course that includes a visit to the campus observatory.

Jeff Carter from Scottsdale, Arizona, is participating in the Summer Citizens program for his second year.

“There is something for everybody,” Carter said. “It is just really diverse. If you are an academic or an analytical there is a bunch of that going on here for you. If you are an outdoors-type person there is plenty of that going on.”

Carter and his wife are hoping to make the event a tradition and are working on recruiting some friends to join them.

Although Carter is very drawn to outdoor activities like hiking, golfing and fishing, he said he’s looking forward to some of the courses offered. This year he is taking a class called “Meet Your Neighbors,” which explores the history, teachings and quirks of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Margaret Nowak and her husband are first-year participants in the Summer Citizen program and are excited to escape the heat of Green Valley, Arizona. Nowak said she is looking forward to a geology class.

“I always tried to get into the geology classes when I was going to the University of Arizona, and they were always full. As soon as I saw that was available, that was the one I wanted to take,” Nowak said.

D’Addabbo said she is glad the program is growing with new participants like the Nowaks partaking in lifelong learning.

“The other thing that makes it unique and why it is growing is the support we have from our community,” D’Addabbo said.