It’s not often that Cache Valley Republicans have primary challenges, so the fact that two sitting legislators face runoffs this year might lead one to wonder if something has changed within the political party that has dominated local politics for years.

While COVID-19 precautions have kept the Republican primary race in Cache County fairly low-key this spring, one perennial activity on the political landscape appears to have ramped up during the pandemic: campaign sign thefts.

With outdoor recreation being one of the few activities available during the COVID-19 pandemic, campsites are undergoing a large uptick in positive and negative use. Local forest rangers are encouraging folks to treat campgrounds respectfully, extinguish campfires and plan ahead for trips.

The coronavirus pandemic has put plastic-bag control efforts on hold in Cache Valley, but officials close to the issue are giving assurances the cause won’t be dropped and forgotten.

Logan has scheduled the reopening of city offices, the library, playgrounds, picnic pavilions and the recreation center in response to Utah Gov. Gary Herbert’s announcement on Thursday easing coronavirus restrictions.

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The city of Logan is taking baby steps toward normal operations in the wake of Utah Gov. Gary Herbert’s announcement on Tuesday easing COVID-19 restrictions.

As a general maintenance practice, Logan Cemetery staff routinely maintains the grounds around headstones, including mowing, trimming and irrigation.

Over the years, to stop flames or help residents in need, firefighters from Logan City Fire Department have found themselves occasionally crossing borders to help smaller cities that have fewer resources.

The COVID-19 pandemic will prevent Cache County political party members from gathering at their annual conventions, but for local Republicans the show will go on with the help of a voting app and Facebook Live.

Utah Senator and Cache Valley attorney Lyle Hillyard is seeking re-election. Hillyard announced his reelection in a statement released on Monday. Hillyard currently represents Cache and Rich counties in Senate District 25. He was elected to the Utah House of Representatives in 1980 and the S…

When it comes to bringing comfort to a chaotic situation, finding peace and quiet for abuse victims to share their stories, and providing access to multiple services in one location, the Children’s Justice Center and Victim Services have had their hands full to the point where a new facility…

A new website launched by the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources allows the public to access migration data from thousands of land animals, fish and amphibians, and birds.

Robert Lund, the National Security and Anti-Terrorism coordinator for the United States Attorney’s Office, has been appointed as a judge to the 1st District Court. He will fill the vacancy created by the retirement of Judge Thomas Willmore.

Following the success of his new book and his recent recognition from the Utah State Legislature for his efforts, Darren Parry, the Chairman of the Northwestern Band of the Shoshone Nation, announced on Thursday afternoon that he would be running for Congress.

Real estate executive Thomas Wright announced his bid for Utah governor shortly after celebrating the beginning of 2020 and has hit the ground running, traveling across the state for town hall meetings and naming Congressman Rob Bishop as his running mate.

Directly following the Logan Municipal Council meeting on Tuesday evening, the council members, who are also members of the Logan Redevelopment Agency, were presented with plans for revitalizing downtown Logan and specifically the Emporium block.

With the Utah General Legislative Session in full swing, an upcoming primary election and a recently concluded impeachment hearing in the U.S. Senate, a local nonpartisan citizen’s group is hosting a panel on Wednesday evening with local elected officials to prompt better communication with …

Box Elder County officials have taken an important step to bring two solar farms to the county, offering tax rebates to the project developers, who are expected to invest around $130 million in the county while generating a clean source of energy.

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