chamber building file

The Cache Valley Chamber of Commerce has sold its historic building on Logan’s Main Street, seen in this 2018 photo.

The Cache Valley Chamber of Commerce has sold its historic building after the Cache County Council approved the conveyance of property.

In accordance to county code, the council voted to pass the resolution to “dispose” of surplus property located at 160 N. Main St. after a public meeting where residents were given the opportunity to comment in November 2018.

The Chamber, which owned 80 percent of the building, had expressed interest in selling the building to the county, which owned 20 percent, in July 2018.

The building was purchased by North Title Company. The county received 20 percent of the total purchase, paying only a realtor fee for the listing of the property, while the chamber received the other 80 percent, according to County Executive Craig Buttars.

Council member Barbara Tidwell asked Buttars about who would be responsible for paying approximately $114,000 in debt held by the Chamber.

“None of that comes out of the county’s portion,” Craig said. “The county got 20 percent up front.”

The building was built in 1911 to house governmental entities, including the county clerk’s office and post office, and has housed the chamber and various tenants since the 1990s.

One of those tenants, the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers Museum, has a long-term lease to use a portion of the building and will be able to stay in the building, according to Buttars.

“The deal with the Daughters of Utah Pioneers: the buyer agreed that they would stay in the building,” Buttars said. “That’s one reason the chamber came down on the price a little bit.”

The Herald Journal reached out to North Title Company President Jay Davis, who declined to comment. The Cache Chamber of Commerce likewise declined to comment.

“They (the chamber) felt good about it,” Buttars said. “I think we should feel good about it too.”