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Joshua Van Natter looks at a Sig Sauer 9mm MPX AR pistol at the Flawless Firearms booth during the Crossroads of the West Gun Show in 2019.

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The Cache County Council voted unanimously on Tuesday evening to accept a resolution to support the Utah State Constitution and the United States Constitution, specifically the Second Amendment.

“I think it is extremely well put,” said Council Member David Erickson about the resolution. “I think it brings forward the relationship that we have with the Constitution and what our responsibilities are as citizens, legislators, whoever we might be.”

Uintah, Wayne, Box Elder and Utah counties passed similar resolutions in the past two months, and after some requests from residents to do the same, Cache County followed suit.

While the resolution is more symbolic than anything else, Cache County officials said in a discussion last month that it sends a message to state and federal lawmakers that they support the Constitution.

“Now, therefore, be it resolved that the Cache County Council in direct response to its citizens,” reads the resolution, “we do hereby support upholding the Constitution of the State of Utah and the Constitution of the United States and shall defend with all legal means necessary, all the inalienable rights held therein, including the Second Amendment and the right it guarantees the citizens of Cache County, Utah to keep and bear arms without infringement.”

A few gun-related bills were introduced in Utah’s 2020 legislative session, including universal background checks and a change intended to criminalize the irresponsible storage of guns. All of the bills were either rejected or tabled.

“I am so grateful that the county has taken its time to research and put this together,” said Angee Martin, a Smithfield resident who submitted a request to the county to consider a Second Amendment sanctuary. “I don’t want our officers to be put in the situation that they are forced to take away guns, and I want regular law-abiding citizens to live in confidence that law enforcement won’t come and take guns away.”

Martin said she has talked with some people that don’t believe the resolution is necessary, however, she argues that it is an important reminder of what leaders have already promised to do.

“I am not telling everyone that they have to have that gun,” Martin said. “I just want everyone to have a right to protect their homes and families.”

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