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Cache County Sheriff Chad Jensen speaks with voters at the Cache County Republican Party Convention at Mount Logan Middle School in April, 2018.

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Cache County Sheriff Chad Jensen issued a press release on Friday taking a position against “several proposed measures of gun control and plans to sign executive orders” discussed last week by U.S. President Joe Biden.

“Unconstitutional gun control in any measure will not happen in Cache County on my watch,” Jensen wrote.

The statement came off the heels of a press conference on Thursday where the presidential administration addressed the prioritization of gun violence and potential gun control measures.

Biden described U.S. gun violence as an “epidemic” and an “international embarrassment.”

U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland announced a criminal gun trafficking study to include data on self-assembled “ghost guns” and 3D printed firearms. Garland also discussed closing loopholes on “buy, build, shoot” firearm kits without serial numbers, as well as stabilizers that can make handguns more like short-barrelled rifles. Garland said within 60 days the U.S. Department of Justice would also publish model legislation for “red flag laws,” allowing for a court to temporarily remove firearms from a person petitioned by concerned parties.

According to Jensen, the State of Utah already has laws in place prohibiting certain citizens from owning or possessing guns. Jensen wrote felony and domestic violence convictions, as well as active protective orders, halt legal access to firearms. Those with “certified mental health conditions” and “drug users” are also barred from gun ownership.

“As your sheriff, I will always stand and fight for ALL (emphasis in original) your constitutional rights,” Jensen wrote.” I stand at the forefront of this country to protect your rights from government overreach. State and federal law in most cases does not allow state law enforcement officers to enforce federal law nor does it allow federal law enforcement to enforce states’ laws.”

Jensen wrote of a “symbiotic,” beneficial and supportive relationship with federal law enforcement shown in the investigations of several types of crime. However, he would “never support any action from the federal government or anyone else” infringing on constitutional rights.

“We live in the greatest country, the greatest state and by far the greatest county in the nation,” Jensen wrote. “Please know you have a sheriff and an entire office who swore to uphold, protect and defend the constitution of this state and of our nation. My deputies and I are truly blessed to serve you in this community.”

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