Cache County is significantly updating its emergency medical services interlocal agreement with Logan for the first time since it was established.

The County Council voted to authorize County Executive Craig Buttars to put the updated Cache County Emergency Medical Services agreement into effect during its Tuesday meeting.

“This updated agreement is really the first update we’ve had since CCEMS was put in place,” Buttars said. “There have been some modifications, not anything major.”

According to County Ambulance Coordinator Jay Downs, the new agreement stems from a study the CCEMS Authority conducted last summer.

One of the things the committee looked at was how the money was disbursed between the county and Logan. Because the agreement had not been modified since 2005, Downs said the board found some items that could be updated.

“One of the things that Logan felt was that the money the county was getting is not proportional to the work they were doing,” Downs said.

Downs said the county agreed to begin to provide funding to place paramedics out in the county and help ease the workload Logan has with ambulance transfers between hospitals. Currently the county takes two transfers of five.

“Eventually the county would — we’d like to take more of those transfers,” Council Member Jon White said. “That’s what we’re gearing up to do, anyways.”

Downs said once the county has certified paramedics out in the county, they would be able to help with the transfers. He said eight people have already volunteered to take the paramedic course.

“The thing that holds us back is that we can’t do the paramedic transfer because we don’t have paramedics out in the county yet,” Downs said. “Once we get the paramedics certified and licensed, then we will do every other transfer.”

The resolution passed with a unanimous vote with Gina Worthen abstaining. The agreement is effective as of July 1 and Buttars is authorized to execute the agreement as of July 9.