Cache County Council members voted to approve the interlocal agreement for the South Main River Community Reinvestment Project Area at their meeting Tuesday evening. The next step for the county will be voting to approve the budget for the project area.

“I think this will be a really nice thing for Logan,” said County Councilwoman Gina Worthen. “I see this type of stuff as an investment for the public that is going to pay dividends in the future and grow our tax base and attract new businesses to the area.”

Worthen said she supports the project area because she thinks promoting economic development is a better way for the county to get money than increasing citizen taxes.

All council members present Tuesday voted in favor of the interlocal agreement, except for Jon White, who abstained from the vote.

During the meeting, White said he does not agree with redevelopment areas and that he does not like the size of the current project, especially since there is only one 6.8-acre project planned right now for the 34.2-acre reinvestment area.

“All we are doing is having to fund infrastructure for somebody that might come later, and I don’t think the taxpayers ought to pay for that,” said White.

Logan Economic Development Director Kirk Jensen said the city has been approached by another entity about potential development in the area, but details on that possibility are not public yet.

Jensen also said previous redevelopment areas have helped incentivize development in other parts of the city and increase tax revenue.

White did not agree.

“I maintain the feeling that it would have happened anyway,” White said.

Located on Main Street on the south end of Logan, the redevelopment area was approved in October by members of the Logan Municipal Council convening as the Logan Redevelopment Agency.

The agency is proposing the three taxing entities over the redevelopment area — the City of Logan, Logan School District and Cache County — enter into an interlocal agreement.

The proposed agreement would commit 70 percent of the new tax revenue the property generates to the redevelopment agency for 15 years, beginning in 2020 or 2021. The money would be used to help carry out the project area plan for the RDA.