Development is beginning on another section of the redevelopment area located on the south end of Logan, across Main Street from the Riverwood Shoppes.

The area is being locally developed and according to Kirk Jensen, the city’s economic development director, the project includes an office building, retail space and potentially multifamily housing.

As of right now, Jensen said there are not plans for specific businesses or restaurants to go into this space.

The project area is part of the South Main River Community Reinvestment Project Area formed at the end of last year. In April, the Logan Municipal Council acting as the Redevelopment Agency Board voted to approve a property tax incentive package for the developer.

Under the agreement, the Logan Gateway Office, LLC, will receive up to 2.5 million dollars during the life of the RDA, as long as the retail buildings are constructed and a riverside trail is developed that connects to the city’s trail network and is accessible to the public.

If the developer opts not to build multifamily housing, they will only be able to receive a little over 2.3 million dollars.

In addition to the office, retail and potential housing space being built in this area, the developer will also work on a portion of 100 West. The plan is for the city to expand the existing road and build a bridge over the Logan River for it.

Public Works Director Paul Lindhardt said the city has money budgeted in fiscal year 2022 for the project and is hoping it will be finished by the end of 2021.

Because of the church building located at 100 West and 600 South, the portion of 100 West will have to curve to connect with the existing road.

“The likely placement of the road would be to the east of the church house,” Jensen said.

According to Lindhardt, road construction could be moved up since the developers will pay for the part of the road that goes through their development, but that is not a guarantee.

Additionally, he said unless further improvements are made to 100 West, he does not think continuing the road will have a noticeable impact on traffic.

“It might have a little bit of effect on the south end by the ‘Y,’” Lindhardt said.

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