Local business owner Mark Anderson will be joining the Logan Municipal Council come January of next year.

“I’m just humbled and overwhelmed and awed by the amount of support that I received right out of the gate,” Anderson said.

As of election results Tuesday evening, Anderson received a quarter of the votes cast. Incumbents Jeannie Simmonds and Tom Jensen received the next highest number of votes and will be serving another four-year term on the council.

Anderson, the owner of Anderson Seed and Garden on Center Street, said he is excited about the changes happening around his business’s location and is looking forward to joining the council in those efforts.

“I think it will snowball and I think other parts of Logan will see how great it is and what their street of location could be,” Anderson said.

In addition to Logan, seven other municipalities across the valley conducted elections this year. According to Tuesday’s vote counts, all the cities will have at least one new member joining their council at the New Year. In five of the eight races, non-incumbents were the frontrunners.

All election results from Tuesday night are preliminary and cities will finalize their counts in the next few weeks as provisional and by-mail ballots are counted.

Current frontrunners are marked with an asterisk (*). The number of votes candidates received and percentages are also listed where available.


*Jon Wells 622

*Curtis Wall (incumbent) 514

*Deon Gibbons Hunsaker (incumbent) 487

Bart Caley (incumbent) 428


*Karl White 840 (22.6%)

*Brandon Buck 647 (17.4%)

*Stephanie Allred 627 (16.9%)

Kirk Brower 622 (16.7%)

Tiffany Atkinson 546 (14.7%)

Shannon Rhodes 432 (11.6%)


*Craig Humphreys (incumbent) 590

*Roger T. Anderson (incumbent) 547

*Buzzy A. Mullahkhel 479

Sara Baca 320


*Mark Anderson 3,796 (25%)

*Jeannie F. Simmonds (incumbent) 3,173 (21%)

*Tom Jensen (incumbent) 2,522 (17%)

Ken Heare 2,102 (14%)

Keegan Garrity 2,081 (14%)

Abraham E. Verdoes 1,296 (9%)


*Blake Wright (incumbent) 259

*Chris Milbank 206

*Sharie Gallup 164

Robert “K” Scott (incumbent) 113

Chris Cannon 92


Four-year term:

*Brent D. Speth 1,208

*Joshua Paulsen 928

*Carrie Kirk 882

Ralph Dainels 850

Frank Montoya Jr. 644

Jon Mock 515

Two-year term:

*Jeanell S. Sealy 981

Don W. Calderwood 811



*Kay Sweeten 425 (26%)

*Nathan Laursen 334 (21%)

*Tom Bernhardt (incumbent) 315 (19%)

Tim Ramirez (incumbent) 285 (18%)

Larry Jacobson (incumbent) 260 (16%)


*Craig Rassmussen (incumbent) 520

*Steve Adams (incumbent) 428

*Vicky McCombs 414

Jeff Hertzler 325

Bart Baird 288

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