The Four County Alliance of Southeast Idaho is now minus one after Franklin’s decision to withdraw.

During their May 28 meeting, the Franklin County Commissioners informed alliance Executive Director Kathy Ray that the county will no longer participate in the program. The county will instead pursue other options, which may include working directly with the city of Preston and other cities within the county to develop business activity.

“We felt it was time to go another direction for a better return on our dollar,” said Commissioner Dirk Bowles.

That money is still earmarked for economic development, he said, but how it will be spent has not yet been determined.

One option may be to partner with Preston City, which hired Shawn Oliverson as an economic developer a couple of years ago. How that partnership would work, or even if it would work, has yet to be decided, Bowles said.

Ray, executive director of the alliance, had requested the annual funding for the program in which the county has participated for about 20 years. The alliance included Franklin, Caribou, Oneida and Bear Lake counties and began in 2001.