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Cache County is working on its first update to its General Plan after 22 years.

The General Plan will seek to help shape the next 20 years of growth and change in Cache County and is currently in its drafting phase. This includes gathering public input and feedback related to “future growth, development, agriculture, housing and economic development.” County planners are also seeking input on the Future Land Use Map to help guide ongoing land development and redevelopment within the county.

Lauren Ryan, the countywide planner, stated that “feedback and input from residents of Cache County is critical” because it will help “direct development for years to come.”

“The draft map is based on public feedback from previous meetings and surveys throughout the Imagine Cache project,” Ryan stated. “We are asking for additional feedback during this concluding phase of the project as we prepare to draft the General Plan. Through this public engagement process, the General Plan will reflect the collective input of our community members.”

Ryan and Imagine Cache hope to engage with “diverse interests” of citizens throughout Cache Valley in order to capture the visions and values of the community. With “extensive public output,” the General Plan can serve as a “land use blueprint and policy guide” for important future decisions.

Along with the General Plan, county planners are also working on the Urban and Rural Areas Assessment and Cost of Services Plan as well as the Regional Collaboration Plan.

According to the Imagine Cache website, the Urban and Rural Areas Plan will identify existing and future growth patterns as well as cater to services such as fire, emergency management agencies, law enforcement, sewer, water and roads. It will “determine where the County can most efficiently service and promote resilient land use patterns.”

The Regional Collaboration Plan will focus on “improving and establishing communication and involvement protocols on a regional basis, while developing strategies for service-based growth.” Additionally the plan will develop a regional communication plan and tie in the location of growth to the location of services.

Both plans tie in closely with the General Plan to help with consistency and coordination.

These plans will reflect public feedback collected during this planning process and are anticipated for County Council review and adoption in early 2022.

Residents are encouraged to take a survey and review the current General Plan and Future Land Map drafts. This must be done before Sept. 19. Questions can also be submitted at

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