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Cristal Gonzalez, left, Angie Pacheco, and Holden Regnier have made podcasts about Logan City.

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Often, residents only interact with city employees when something goes wrong. With the help of three interns, however, Logan city has produced a podcast to help people understand what workers are doing the rest of the time.

City workers are “always doing something to keep our lives the way it is,” intern Angie Pacheco said. “And we just expect the lights to be on, and it’s just so crazy to think about.”

The podcast, titled “The Logan City Lowdown,” currently has 10 episodes hosted and produced by three summer interns: Pacheco, Cristal Gonzalez and Holden Regnier.

Each episode of the podcast is a brief look into the operations of a city department. The podcast’s goal was to give residents an idea of what city workers do.

“We have all these stories in the city, why we do things, what we do all day,” said city Conservation Coordinator Emily Malik. “It’s all important. It’s what keeps things running smoothly. We have super high-reliability power, and I don’t think people know why we have that super reliable power.”

The interns, with their fresh perspectives, helped the city approach a podcast with a newcomer’s perspective, Malik said, though she would also lend her expertise now and then.

The first three episodes are titled “Trash Talk” and deal with green waste, solid waste and recycling. Other episodes check in with the Fire Department, the Animal Control program, Light & Power and more.

The podcast’s episodes vary in length, but most are between 5 and 12 minutes.

The three students’ internship ended just last week, overlapping USU’s fall semester because the COVID-19 pandemic delayed its start.

Unlike the other two, Gonzalez’s internship was actually extended by the pandemic, and she ultimately pitched in at the city for a year and a half. Having seen both a pandemic year and a non-pandemic year, Gonzalez said the podcast gave them a way to connect with residents despite social distancing.

“Last year, we were doing a lot more interaction” with residents in person, Gonzalez said. “This year, because of COVID it’s been limited, but this is a good way for us to connect, through the podcast, and inform people.”

Pacheco said as the internship comes to an end, having completed those 10 episodes feels very satisfying.

“Some jobs will ask for something material you’ve created,” she said, “and I’ve created this.”

“The Logan City Lowdown” is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify many other podcatching services, or at anchor.fm/logan-city-environmental.

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