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Two items were passed at Tuesday’s Logan Municipal Council meeting to prepare for the city’s addition of Costco.

The Logan Municipal Council unanimously passed an ordinance that would amend the Land Development Code to allow buildings with a footprint larger than 100,000 square feet as a conditional use in the industrial zone, paving the way for Costco.

Costco could be built on property owned by Blue Spring Business Park, located on 10th West and 1000 North. The business park, owned by Al’s Sporting Goods owners Chris and Jason Larsen, currently has two other buildings under construction.

During the public hearing of this ordinance, local business owner Tony Nielson expressed his concern for the location of Costco in the industrial zone. He said it looked like this would be a spot-zone change.

“I don’t think it would ever be considered if it was the common citizen instead of a corporate giant,” Nielson said.

Mayoral candidate Dee Jones also spoke and said he doesn’t believe the city will get a return on its planned incentives for Costco.

City Planner Russ Holley clarified that this ordinance is not a zone change or a spot-zone change and would just be a use-table change to conditionally allow big-box stores, general sales and banks in the industrial park zone.

Director of finance Richard Anderson said he felt “very comfortable” about the return on investment.

Later in the evening, the council adjourned and reconvened as the Logan Redevelopment Agency.

The RDA passed a proposed resolution to provide up to $1.4 million in financial assistance to Blue Springs Business Park to pay for street, utilities and building fees involved in the construction of Costco. The money will be received as reimbursement by the business park, not by Costco.

The resolution notes that Costco and additional businesses built in the business park are estimated to provide Logan with over 150 new jobs and would generate over $160 million in gross annual sales.

Economic Development Director Kirk Jensen said Blue Springs would receive the money under the conditions of the construction of Costco, improving 1200 North, 800 West and 1000 North, and the development of additional business pad sites.

Jason Larsen said building Costco at that location would help bring business to the west part of Logan, but that the west side does not have the same infrastructure that Main Street and the east side do, so the funds are needed.

After the resolution passed unanimously, Chair Mark Anderson said he and the council would look into concerns brought up by the public, including the safety of students of schools by the business park who would be driving on busy roads.

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