The six candidates who will be on the ballot during Logan’s upcoming Municipal Council election shared ideas in a forum hosted at the city hall by the Wilson Neighborhood Steering Group on Thursday evening.

Topics discussed at the meeting included the future of Logan’s downtown, improving Main Street traffic and building a new city library. Overall, candidates shared many similar ideas regarding these subjects.

“We are not inventing the wheel here. There a lot of other communities that have dealt with these same problems. We need to be active, looking for solutions that other people have used and found and other ways that they have made it work in their communities,” said candidate Mark Anderson.

When asked about a new library, all of the candidates agreed that it is an important part of the community.

“Communities are built around libraries,” said candidate Ken Heare.

Tom Jensen, one of the incumbents, agreed.

“Our city needs to have it. It would be a mistake for us to say it is not valid,” Jensen said.

The other incumbent in the race, Jeannie Simmonds described the library as the hub of creativity in the community.

“We need to find a location that gives the library the honor and place in our community that it deserves,” Simmonds said.

When it comes to the new library’s location, candidate Abraham Verdoes said it needs to be easy for people to access parking at, which means downtown may not be the best choice. He also wants to make sure the services the library offers are compatible with the 21st century.

It needs to be an e-resource in addition to a paper resource,” Verdoes said.

For Anderson, expanding access to the library, especially to educators in the valley, is an important issue.

Candidate Keegan Garrity also supported the new library.

“I almost want to be anti-library just to be the alternative here, because everyone has been praising it, but for good reason,” Garrity said. “I think libraries are great and I want to be able to continue that and build one that serves us well.”

Support for the downtown improvement project and the need to address traffic in Logan were also discussed during the meeting.

Maryellen McClain attended the even on Thursday and said in general, she liked the focus on improving Logan’s downtown and making it more accessible to the community.

“Tonight I think they had to be more general, but I think more of an in-depth discussion of what they think downtown would specifically look like and plans individual candidates have would be important to learn about,” McClain said.

Another meeting attendee, Katelyn Oliver, said one concern she had was a few comments made about people of lower socioeconomic status.

“Something that I thought wasn’t really well represented today was lower-income folks just in general,” Oliver said.

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