center block plaza

An artist rendering of the South side of the Center Block Plaza, which the city hopes will feature an eatery and have an archway and planters to separate the plaza from Highway 89/91.

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Mayor Holly Daines announced Tuesday that Logan received a $250,000 challenge grant for Center Block Plaza from the George S. and Dolores Doré Eccles Foundation, to go toward the project’s $2 million goal.

Daines has been working on revitalizing downtown Logan for a few years as part of her campaign promise, and creating Center Block Plaza is included in that project.

Daines said the challenge grant is still a donation, but is conditioned on the city meeting its portion of the fundraising goal. The agreement is that if Logan raises $1,750,000, the Eccles Foundation will provide the last $250,000 to make $2 million.

Daines said she was “thrilled” with the grant.

“It challenges us to reach our fundraising goal, and provides a matching incentive if other businesses or individuals are willing to contribute,” she said.

Daines said with the recent donation of $1 million from the Laub Family Foundation and Cache Valley Electric Co., as well as the additional $300,000 the city has acquired, Logan just needs $450,000 more to reach its goal.

The total cost of the plaza project is $4.3 million, which was approved by Logan’s Redevelopment Agency in March. After the $2 million goal is met, there will be a balance of $2.3 million.

“Any contributions we receive will help offset the cost of the plaza, and we can return those funds to the RDA budget for other worthy projects,” Daines said.

Daines said she appreciated the Eccles Foundation’s long history of contributing to Logan.

“This most recent gift will be a huge help as we work to revitalize downtown and make our community an even better place to live,” she said. “We appreciate their confidence in this project and this generous gift.”

According to a press release with statements from the Eccles Foundation, the plaza’s stage will be named in recognition of the grant.

“Our directors are excited to be a part of this great revitalization project for downtown Logan,” said Lisa Eccles, chairman and CEO of the foundation. “What a wonderful difference the plaza will make for residents and visitors alike, offering a warm and welcoming gathering place with activities, performances, concerts and more.”

Eccles said her family was raised in Logan and has cherished memories of Logan’s historic downtown.

“Our Eccles family’s affection for Logan has remained strong for generations, and we continue to value the community’s rich history and bright future, highlighted by its outstanding contributions to our state in areas from education, the arts and culture to agriculture, outdoor recreation, high-tech industries and more,” she said.

Two buildings in the area are for sale for businesses to come in and provide food services. Daines said the money from those sales can be put toward the project’s cost. Two other buildings will be demolished in December.

Construction on the plaza is expected to begin spring 2022.

Daines said any other businesses or individuals that would like to help with contributions for the project should contact her.

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