state of the city

Mayor Holly Daines delivers her State of the City address, Tuesday in Logan.

Logan Mayor Holly Daines showcased many of the city’s successes of 2019 and outlined goals for the coming year in the state of the city address at the Logan Municipal Council meeting on Tuesday night.

Being fiscally responsible was the first of three goals Daines touched on, followed by a goal to continue focusing on investing in infrastructure. The budget number increased by 11% this year.

The third goal of continuing downtown revitalization took center stage as Daines discussed the success of the Center Street revamp and her hopes for the Emporium lot and the surrounding Center Block area, which has been the topic of some controversy lately.

“Our grand opening celebration and Christmas parade created a wonderful community gathering with a festive spirit and demonstrated people want a gathering place and a genuine experience downtown,” Daines said.

The previously proposed plan showed an apartment building and community plaza/ice rink going in where the Emporium now stands. This plan was put on hold when the Historic Preservation Committee voted in December to deny demolition of the Emporium and the neighboring buildings.

“If there is beautiful history worth saving, I am the first to advocate for that,” Daines said. “There are always tradeoffs. For a price, anything can be fixed. But if you spend a lot of money to save marginal buildings that will continue to be old and not function well, nor attract new uses even after the investment, that doesn’t make sense to me.”

Daines announced in her address that the council will discuss the city’s plan in a workshop on Feb. 18. That discussion will be more detailed and include finances, along with any alternate proposals from downtown business owners. A public hearing will take place two weeks later, on March 3.

Enhancing open space and trail connections are another focus for the city, Daines said.

To that end, Daines {span}said she was recently notified thatthe full amount of an $875,000 grant requested from the state of Utah has been awarded to the city. With this money, the city is able to work toward acquiring some land off its “wish list.”

“Per our Trails Master Plan, it will allow us to further continue our trail system north along the river from Trapper Park and will get us part way to the planned 600 South Park property which the city owns, eventually providing a great park and significant connection when funding allows completion,” Daines said.

Daines also said new developments in south Logan will enhance the entrance to the city and contribute to Logan’s economic viability. The public trails through that area, which the city negotiated with developers, will be additional amenities for the community.

She said these projects, along with all past and future endeavors, are possible because of the teamwork of departments and employees within the city. {/span}

{span}{span}“In summary,” Daines said, “{/span}{span}our city is progressive, proactive, well-managed, and we are planning for the future. And I am pleased to be a part of that team effort.” {/span}{/span}

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