used tires

Tires sit in a pile at the Logan Landfill on Tuesday.

In an effort to clean up discarded tires throughout Cache County, members of the Logan Solid Waste Advisory board decided to host a tire amnesty event later this month.

“They felt like a tire amnesty event, or a free tire disposal event, would be a good way to help residents dispose of tires properly,” said Emily Malik, the Environmental Department conservation coordinator.

This is the first time the city has hosted a free tire disposal event. Malik said while tires are always accepted at the landfill, they cannot be disposed of like other trash because they tend to surface if they are buried.

Because of this, there is a disposal fee starting at $2 a tire for smaller vehicle tires which then increases based on size. Through the State of Utah’s tire recycling program, tires collected at the landfill may be used as an alternative fuel, synthetic turf or ground cover.

Although this is a relatively small fee, Malik said people may have tires on or around their property that were dropped off by someone else.

“If you didn’t put the tire there, you aren’t necessarily going to want to go pay to dispose of them at the landfill,” Malik said.

Cache County Executive Craig Buttars said people dumping trash such as tires on county roads is an issue.

“I’m hoping that we see individuals who have a few tires around their house or around their yard will see this as an opportunity to get rid of them without having to pay an extra fee,” Buttars said.

Beyond beautification, both Buttars and Malik said tire disposal can help keep mosquito populations down.

“Honestly, tires sitting out hold water,” Malik said. “It’s a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes.”

Tina Mercer, an environmental scientist for the State of Utah, said abandoned tires can also lead to rodent issues or tire fires.

“We would rather not see them (abandoned tires) because they can create a couple hazards,” Mercer said.

The tire amnesty event will be from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. May 31 and June 1 at the City Environmental Center Campus, 153 N. 1400 West in Logan.

This event is for residential customers only — businesses are not eligible. Extra-large tractor or heavy equipment tires will not be accepted.

Participants must show proof of Cache County residency, such as identification or a utility bill, to the attendant on site.

More information can be found at, including final event details since tire disposal traffic will differ from typical landfill traffic.