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Mayor Holly Daines asked the Logan Municipal Council to appropriate $50,000 for CAPSA to support its homeless program on Tuesday.

CAPSA is a recovery center for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault in Cache Valley. The nonprofit offers free therapy and support groups, and provides temporary emergency housing.

Since CAPSA provides shelter for victims and their families rather than the general homeless population, it didn’t qualify as a state-recognized homeless shelter until recently.

Daines said Utah has a funding source that appropriates a portion of sales tax from cities that do not have a homeless shelter. She said about $100,000 goes to the state from Logan to help with the law enforcement costs of homeless shelters each year.

Now that the law has changed slightly and CAPSA can house more people than before, the organization qualifies to keep the funding within the community. Daines said CAPSA asked that a portion of the $100,000 be given to them to help cover the services.

Daines said the $50,000 allocation, which would come in two payments of $25,000, would be a one-time thing while the city figures out a better long-term solution. The city would start with $25,000 and do the other half after ensuring that Logan would get the money back from the state.

“We are blessed here locally and CAPSA runs such a good organization that we don’t have additional law enforcement costs from them,” Daines said.

Daines said eventually local homelessness funds could be used to create a homeless shelter that isn’t just for domestic abuse and sexual assault victims, as well.

“There really needs to be a bigger-picture look at how we deal with that going forward,” she said.

The resolution for the budget adjustment reads, “Logan City’s appropriation of funds to CAPSA is essential to the health and safety of not only those who are victims, but the health and safety of entire neighborhoods and communities.”

The council will discuss and vote on the resolution at a later date.

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