nibley city manager

Justin Maughan has been named the new city manager for Nibley.

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After a nationwide search, Nibley native Justin Maughan has been officially selected as the new city manager.

“I have a great love for Nibley City, as it is, and has always been, my home,” the then-public works director wrote when he applied for consideration. “As a young child, I watched my own father serve and lead Nibley City as a Councilman and Water Operator. I am proud of that heritage and wish to honor it by serving as the next Nibley City Manager.”

Though he endorsed former city manager David Zook in his successful bid for the role of Cache County Executive, Mayor Shaun Dustin said he was sad to see David Zook leave the municipal government, but excited to see Maughan step up to the role as he was the best fit out of the 11 other candidates who were considered.

“At the end of the day, his love of the city and his understanding of the council and where we want it to go gave us confidence in him and in the direction that he proposed,” Dustin said after the Nibley City Council unanimously voted in support of Maughan’s hiring.

Dustin said managing growth is the biggest challenge facing the city, and Zook agreed. Both said Maughan’s experience in the valley will be beneficial to how Nibley manages the inevitable influx of new residents and potential business ventures.

“He was born and raised in Nibley, and he lives there now,” Zook said. “He’s service-minded. He’s seen the changes and is well-acquainted with the challenges associated with growth.”

City Council Member Kathryn Beus said she’s known Maughan for a long time and is excited to work with him.

“Justin and I are both longtime residents of Nibley,” Beus said. “He’s really invested in the community. That’s one thing I’m really excited about. He wants to raise his family there, he wants to make it a better place for not only our community but also his family. And I really appreciate that.”

Dustin added that a key belief of the city government is the adage of “what’s good for the county is good for Nibley, and what happens in the county is important. And Justin gets that.”

“That outward-looking approach of seeing what’s coming and being willing to take that on and make it work for all of us is something that’s just part of Justin’s nature,” Dustin said.

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