LCFD Antique Trucks

Fire Marshall Craig Humphreys looks at an antique lantern on the side of a 1924 American LaFrance fire engine at the Logan City Fire Department on 200 North.

The North Logan City Council appointed a new council member during its Wednesday meeting, filling a midterm vacancy left by newly appointed Mayor Damon Cann.

The council appointed Logan Fire Marshal Craig Humphreys to the position after interviewing candidates.

“North Logan is a great place to live,” Humphreys said. “I love living out here. I think everyone should have the opportunity to serve their community in one form or fashion, and I am grateful for this opportunity.”

After John Bailey resigned as mayor due to a relapse of bone marrow cancer, Cann was appointed as the new mayor April 17.

The council accepted applications for candidates to serve the remainder of Cann’s term, ending in 2019. The council received five application but one of the applicants withdrew prior to the meeting, according to Cann.

The four remaining candidates each submitted a packet of information for the council to review before the meeting. Cann said each was qualified.

“The four applications we have received are remarkable,” Cann said. “Our community should be incredibly proud to have individuals like these who are of this caliber.”

Each of the candidates answered three questions they received prior to the meeting. After their answers, the council members discussed some of the factors that they take into consideration while voting.

Council Member Bruce Lee said he was impressed with the candidates and their willingness to go through the process of interviewing for the position in a public manner.

“In my experience in hiring, I’ve had some experience in hiring, it’s never in public,” Lee said. “I’ve been very impressed with the people that have submitted to serve our city. I just continue to be impressed with those willing to serve.”

He went on to say that he was confident that any of the four candidates would be able to effectively fill the seat.

“I am fully confident that regardless of which person is selected tonight, really any one of you would do a phenomenal job in this role,” Lee said.

Humphrey was one of the original chartered members for the fire department that started in 1992, he has served as fire marshal and has worked in Public Works. He also serves on the planning commission and the cemetery board.

“I have a long history with North Logan,” Humphreys said.

With two of the four possible votes, Humphrey received the most votes of any candidate.

Cann and Humphreys will serve in their respective positions until the end of 2019.