Center Block

Dan Lofgren from Cowboy Partners presents potential plans for Logan’s Center Block project on Wednesday night at Logan’s City Hall.

A plaza with a stage, an ice skating rink, a new parking structure and an apartment building may be coming to downtown Logan, if a proposal for the city’s Center Block project is approved.

“There are many details to work out before we move forward to sign a specific development agreement,” said Mayor Holly Daines at a meeting on Wednesday night where the potential project details were unveiled. “But we believe this could happen, if this is the direction we decide to go and move forward.”

Over a year ago, community members were invited to a visioning meeting with Cowboy Partners, the developer selected for the Center Block revitalization project, to share what they wanted to see built in the heart of Logan’s downtown.

The plans Dan Lofgren of Cowboy Partners presented at Wednesday’s meeting showed that some of these suggestions, like a parking structure and a plaza, could be coming to Center Block in the next few years, while other suggestions, like a library, were not included in the proposal.

“We tried to listen and respond to the input that you all provided, but at the same time we have tried to press forward with what we believe is an economically feasible development,” Lofgren said. “We can’t do everything that everybody wants, but we think much of the input that we have received is reflected in what you see tonight.”

The plan Lofgren presented would impact the old Emporium building and the properties around it. Right now, the idea is to build a parking structure that would face 100 West and then to build an apartment building that would be visible from Main Street.

Retail and vendor space would surround a plaza that would include a stage for concerts and other events. In the summer, there would be a splash pad area in the plaza. In the winter, an ice skating rink. This plaza area would be owned and maintained by Logan. Lofgren said it would be comparable to Gallivan Plaza in Salt Lake City.

Many of the questions in the meeting revolved around what types of businesses would come into the retail spaces. Lofgren said while he cannot guarantee anything, he would like to see a grocery store in the area to contribute to walkability. One man asked about the possibility of alcohol being sold, to which Daines said state liquor laws would dictate whether or not that is possible.

Another community member asked about what would be done to ensure the project matched the current character of downtown and did not become too quickly outdated. Lofgren said he did not want “fake old” elements in his building, but that color and brick detail would play a part in supporting cohesion.

One woman wanted to know if affordable housing would be a part of the development. Lofgren said the plan was to build the apartment complex as a mixed-income structure in order to give more people who work downtown a chance to live there.

Many commenters shared concerns about making sure there was enough parking on the block and expressed support for a four-story parking garage.

As far as a timeline goes, Lofgren said the building will likely take anywhere from two to three years and that more specific details will not be available until an official agreement is made between his company and the city.

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