Mayor Daines

Logan Mayor Holly Daines presents the state of the city address during Tuesday’s municipal council meeting.

Logan mayor Holly Daines presented the State of the City address during the Municipal Council meeting Tuesday evening.

“Time moves fast, and government moves slowly,” Daines said, “but we have accomplished a great deal in the past year. We have achieved that through teamwork and partnerships.”

In the address, Daines outlined ways city officials and staff had met goals in the areas of fiscal responsibility, infrastructure replacement, revitalizing downtown and neighborhood improvement during 2018. She also spoke of ways they planned to continue the efforts into the next year.

Looking to 2019, Daines said the downtown center-block revitalization plan will likely begin in the spring.

“Our beautiful and historic downtown is the heart and soul of our city,” Daines said. “As Logan ages and the valley grows, investment and action is needed to draw people downtown and build on the assets we have there.”

A concept plan for this area is being created by the developer Cowboy Partners, Daines said, and will soon be presented to the council.

Daines anticipates this plan will include demolition of the Emporium building and the two adjacent buildings, as well as the use of the parking lot behind the area for new development such as a plaza, dining, retail and a parking structure.

Evaluation on whether or not a library can be put there will occur, as well, Daines said.

“From the concept plan, we will negotiate whether we, the city and Cowboy Partners, can reach a development agreement,” Daines said. “This is not a done deal, but we have a vision and are optimistic we can create a good project there.”

As the project begins, Daines said there will be growing pains and requested the patience of community members.

In relation to downtown, Daines also discussed the partnership between the Utah Department of Transportation and Logan city to improve Main Street traffic.

Daines said the city is preparing to join with UDOT to begin a study to determine whether implementing one-way couplets would help ease congestion and support further growth downtown.

In closing her address, Daines said she wanted community members to remember three key points — people, passion and partnerships.

“Thanks to all the wonderful people who have helped in so many ways to make this an outstanding year,” Daines said. “I have tried to serve with passion and energy and to work with many others who are passionate about issues in our wonderful city.”