Logan Primary

Teresa Harris collects ballots on Tuesday evening at Logan City Hall to count the final votes for the primary election.

Preliminary results are in for the three municipalities in Cache County that held primary elections this year.

Logan saw a voter turn out of nearly 22% with 4,063 ballots cast. Mark Anderson won a quarter of the votes. Jeannie Simmonds and Tom Jensen, the two incumbents, came in with the next highest number of votes.

Gary Poore, who won 5% of the vote at 579 ballots, had the lowest number of votes and will not be on the general election ballot in the fall.

Providence has three four-year seats open in this election and one two-year seat. Brent Speth took the lead by over 300 votes in the race for a four-year seat. Vote totals for the next five candidates ranged from 310 votes to 599. Rowan Cecil and Laura Banda each received under 300 votes and will not be on the fall ballot.

For the two-year seat, former Mayor Don Calderwood and Jeanell Sealy will face off in November.

In Nibley 268 ballots were cast for a 9% voter turnout. Kay Sweeton won the most votes with 23%. Cierra Stout had the least, with 6%. All three incumbents, Tom Bernhardt, Tim Ramirez and Larry Jacobson, will be on the ballot in the fall.

All election results are expected to be finalized within the next two weeks. General elections will be on Nov. 5.

Logan election results:

Mark A. Anderson, 2,915 votes, 25%.

Jeannie F. Simmonds, 2,438 votes, 21%.

Tom Jensen, 1,973 votes, 17%.

Ken Heare, 1,431, 13%.

Keegan Garrity, 1,139, 10%.

Abraham E. Verdoes, 961 votes, 8%.

Gary Poore, 579 votes, 5%.

Providence election results:

Four-year term:

Brent D. Speth, 927 votes.

Joshua Paulsen, 599 votes.

Ralph Daniels, 590 votes.

Carrie Kirk, 519 votes.

Frank Montoya Jr., 440 votes.

Jon Mock, 310 votes.

Laura Banda, 292 votes.

Rowan Cecil, 205 votes.

Two-year term:

Don Calderwood, 661 votes.

Jeanell S. Sealy, 502 votes.

Blair Martin, 200 votes.

Nibley election results:

Kay Sweeten, 165 votes, 23%.

Nathan Laursen, 120 votes, 17%.

Tom Bernhardt, 117 votes, 16%.

Tim Ramirez, 116 votes, 16%.

Larry Jacobson, 104 votes, 14%.

C.J. Pink, 62 votes, 9%.

Cierra Stout, 42 votes, 6%.