It’s often joked that there are two seasons in Cache Valley — winter and construction. Since it stopped snowing a little over a month ago, it’s time for the second season to begin.

Orange roadwork cones and signs have already started to appear throughout Logan. During Tuesday’s Municipal Council meeting, Logan’s Public Works Director Paul Lindhardt provided an overview of the projects that will impact the city during the next few months.

Some of these projects include resurfacing of state roads, maintenance at railroad crossings and new lighting on 1200 East in front of the Logan Cemetery.

“Unfortunately because of weather, summer is the only time we have to do these kinds of things. And so we unfortunately have to do a lot of work when everybody wants to be out driving around and enjoying the summer weather,” said Vic Saunders, a spokesperson for the Utah Department of Transportation. “But that is also a prime time for us do construction and rehab.”

The two UDOT projects taking place this summer are road rehabilitation for Logan’s Main Street from State Road 165 to 1000 North and for 400 North from Main Street to Canyon Road.

Saunders said the 400 North project is scheduled to begin on June 24, and the Main Street project will begin after July 4. Exact project plans have yet to be set, but Saunders said most of the work will happen between 9 p.m. and 6 a.m.

Because the Main Street project is beginning after July 4, the Cruise-in Parade should not be impacted. Saunders said work is usually not done on UDOT projects from July 3-5, but until the project schedule is set he will not know for sure. He said road work will likely take a break on July 24 as well.

During Tuesday’s meeting, Council Member Herm Olsen expressed concern for how the Main Street project may affect patrons during the summer production seasons for the downtown theaters.

“Unfortunately if that interacts with the time when performances are, that can be quite a mess,” Olsen said.

Lindhardt said city staff has provided UDOT officials other dates they would like construction to avoid but preventing all overlap would be impossible.

Union Pacific rail crossing improvement work may also impact traffic on U.S. Highway 89/91 this summer. Saunders said both the crossing in Wellsville and the crossing at the south end of Main Street are scheduled for work during August.

Saunders said it is possible when the time comes, Union Pacific may not have teams available to address the projects and would then have to cancel. However, if the projects do happen, traffic will be reduced to one lane in either direction during daytime hours.

“People ought to begin planning different routes now,” Saunders said. One of the alternatives he recommends is 1000 West.

Lindhardt said the original plans for these projects included shutting down all four lanes of the highway for a few days, but for logistical reasons this was abandoned.

“When we worked through the detour routes we decided we wouldn’t do that,” Lindhardt said.

In addition to these projects, both Utah State University and the City of Logan have other road projects planned. These include adding landscaping to the roundabout just west of Old Main Hill at 500 North and 600 West and updating manhole collars throughout the city.

Questions, concerns and comments about the UDOT road rehabilitation projects can be emailed to for the Main Street project or for the 400 North project.