For what appears to be the first time in Cache County history, the majority of members on two municipal councils in the county will be female.

This isn’t the first time there has been a female majority council in the county, in 2014 three of Nibley’s five council members were women. Currently, there are women serving on multiple councils throughout the county — and three cities with female mayors — but this seems to be the first time there are multiple cities with female-majority councils in Cache County.

“It’s a great thing,” said Richmond Mayor Jeff Young. “We’ve had a combination of female council members, but we’ve never had three.”

In Richmond, there weren’t enough candidates for the city to have an election, so new council members are being appointed. Kelly Lyn Crafts and Cheryl Peck will continue serving on the council, and Terrie Wierenga, who served on the council previously and took a four-year break, will be joining in January.

In Providence, Kristina Eck was the only council member whose term didn’t expire this year. None of the other council members ran for re-election, and two of the newly elected members are Carrie Kirk and Jeanell Sealy.

“It’s super exciting that three women are on the council, and in all honesty, that is part of the reason why I ran,” Kirk said.

According to Kirk, she felt that women, and mothers in particular, needed better representation in her community because of the different perspectives they bring to table.

“Just having that different perspective is a good thing,” Kirk said.

Mayor Young is also excited for the perspective his new council will bring as the city works to make decisions.

“The main advantage that you have is it allows a broader dialogue. That is the part that is important for our community,” Young said.

The previous Providence council was made up of four men and one woman. Not only did the election significantly shift the gender demographics of the council, but the age demographics of the council changed, as well.

“The average age will shift dramatically downward” come January, said Mayor John Drew.

Drew said he is especially hopeful that having younger parents on the council will help as they work through the issues of growth and affordable housing that the city is facing.

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