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The last financial reports have been released for the Logan mayoral and Municipal Council races, with many donations sent through the popular money sharing app Venmo. Additionally, council candidates were able to fund their campaigns via donations while mayoral candidates mostly funded their own campaigns.

Logan municipal council candidate Keegan Garrity gathered $8515.81 in contributions, with notable donations from the following:

—$100 from former mayor of Logan Darla Clark

—$50 from County Council Chair Gina Worthen

—$100 from County Councilman Paul Borup

—$1,500 from former Logan mayoral candidate Brian Seamons

—$20 from County Clerk Jess Bradfield

—$100 from Representative Dan Johnson

—$40 from an anonymous donation

—$500 from himself.

While he did take donations through Venmo, fees are not listed because he used a personal account, not a business account.

His expenditures totaled $5110.40, with the most spent $2,920 with Cache Valley Media Group, which operates KVNU and multiple other local radio stations. He also spent $622.28 with Vista Print and $557.59 with Signs in the Cheap.

Council incumbents Amy Anderson and Ernesto Lopez received $4210.81 and $6,599.76 in donations respectively. Notable donations for Anderson were the following:

—$1700.81 from the Cache Valley Association of Realtors

—$25 and $30 from anonymous donations

—$125 from herself.

Notable donations for Ernesto Lopez include:

—$200 from Mayor Holly Daines

—$100 from Rep. Dan Johnson

—$100 from Logan Municipal Council Member Tom Jensen

—$100 from Logan Municipal Council Chair Mark Anderson

—$250 from former Logan Municipal Council Member Herm Olsen

—$45 from an anonymous donation

—$20 from himself.

Anderson’s expenditures were $2277.23. She also spent the most with Cache Valley Media Group, with a grand total of $850, followed by $522.16 at Square One printing and $175 with Deseret News. Since Anderson took donations through a Venmo business account, she had to pay $19.81 in fees.

Lopez’s expenditures reached $6,505.75, with the most spent with Cache Valley Media Group as well. His total was $1,044, followed by $1,552.25 at Square One printing and $1,933.34 at Postal Express. Lopez also used a business account with Venmo and a majority of his donations were with the app. He paid $100.54 in fees.

Current Mayor Holly Daines received $6,900 in contributions and did not list any donations but a $6,700 contribution from herself. This leaves a $200 gap in donations. City Recorder Teresa Harris looked into the gap after The Herald Journal asked about it and determined Daines mistakenly wrote $6,700.

This is similar to her Aug. 3 report in which Daines listed contributions of $3,600 from herself. Her expenditures totaled $6,825.29; she spent $5,066.56 with Square One Printing followed by $960 with Cache Valley Media Group and $600 with The Herald Journal.

Challenger Dee Jones listed $4,700 in contributions but actually received $8,745. After investigating the discrepancy, Harris said Jones didn’t realize that under campaign rules he needed to list money he spent from his own pocket as a donation to himself and will need to refile his disclosure.

Jones donated $4,045 to himself but also received two large donations: $2,700 from Al Faccinto, a USU alumnus, former president of the MGM Mirage hotel & casino and good friend of Jones. The other, $2,000, was from Dave Luman, a local businessman in Logan and president of White Rock Properties.

Although Jones received more money in contributions this time, fewer people donated than in the Aug. 3 report.

His expenditures totaled $8,745, with $3,080 spent with Cache Valley Media Group and $2,630 spent with the Herald Journal.

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