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On Wednesday, local defense attorney and public defender Bryan Galloway was confirmed by the Utah Senate as a 1st District Juvenile Court judge.

The vote was a unanimous yea, with the exception of two absent senators who didn’t cast a vote.

“I’ve known Bryan for quite a long time as a fellow lawyer up in the valley,” said Sen. Lyle Hillyard as he moved to confirm Galloway on the second to last day of 2020 general session. “I was just really impressed as I read through the recommendations given.”

Hillyard said appointed judges don’t get to read the recommendations given by the public — this is to protect the people who come forward with comments.

“He really had some glowing reports from people that I deeply respect who understand law, understand the work of juvenile court and the work that Bryan has done in that area,” Hillyard said, “not only just as a public defender, but a person caring about these kids and their families that he’s represented. I think he’s made a deep impression on them and people who’ve worked with him and I’m sure he’ll do an outstanding job.”

The newly appointed judge addressed the Senate briefly after the confirmation.

“I might actually get emotional,” Galloway said.

Galloway thanked the senators for allowing him to bring his children throughout the confirmation process. He said it had been an educational experience for his kids who, after a period of disinterest, started to find the process quite fascinating.

“Honestly, if I’m being truthful, I’ve been as educated as any of them have,” Galloway said. “It’s been quite a ride.”

Galloway told the Senate he would do his very best to uphold the high standard of the judiciary in the State of Utah.

“I’m honored to be in this position,” Galloway said. “I’m extremely excited.”

Galloway has a bachelor’s degree in political science from Utah State University and a juris doctor from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

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