pride ride

Austin Koontz rides a bike along Canyon Road in Logan, during the Pride Ride on Friday evening.

To get underway for Logan’s Pride Festival this weekend, a few dozen people gathered at Aggie Blue Bikes on Friday evening, donning rainbow shirts and colorful tights, ready to compete in a cycling scavenger hunt.

As dogs wandered around, happily wagging their tails, participants studied pieces of paper with a map and clues of where they needed to go during the alley cat race.

“It’s not your standard race,” said Meg McCarthy, the Aggie Blue Bike program coordinator. “You get to choose stops and then come up with challenges for people to complete at the stops. You are able to be a lot more creative”

An alley cat race is a scavenger hunt on wheels. Aggie Blue Bikes has hosted about half a dozen of these events over the past few years, but this is the first time they have partnered with Logan Pride for an event.

“It is a great organization and worth supporting, so we are really excited and happy to be able to help out,” McCarthy said.

Stops for the cat race included the Historic Cache County Court House, Herm’s and Logan Tae Kwan Do. Some of the clues were spelled out exactly, while others required deciphering. At the stops, participants collect ribbons and cards to turn in for points.

Zack Gregory and his team were the first riders to arrive at the finish line. Thanks to his colorful pink-and-purple patterned shirt, his team earned an extra point in their final tally.

Although Gregory has organized multiple alley cat races before, this is one of the first few he has participated in as a rider.

“When I came here, no one was doing them so I started doing them,” Gregory said.

In Salt Lake, Gregory said alley cat races helped create a sense of tight-knit community among cyclists that he wanted to create in Cache Valley.

“I like when you can band together over something common and fun,” Gregory said.

For McCarthy, seeing who wins is her favorite part of alley cat races.

“It is not necessarily the person who is the fastest that wins,” McCarthy said. “It is more about if you can decipher clues and if you visited all of the stops and the creative route that you took to get there.”