Community members are encouraged to make their commute a little greener this week with incentives provided by the Cache County trails department.

“We try to make it a fun reason to come out and try riding your bike for a week in the hopes that people will try it out and recognize it’s not as far to work as they thought,” said Dayton Crites, the Cache County trails planner.

This week is National Bike to Work Week, and Crites said the county is among many local governments that use the time to celebrate alternative forms of transportation.

Some of the week’s activities include “feed stations” located at different sites in the community.

“We’ve even tried to stretch it out a little bit beyond the bike by having one of our main centers at (the Cache Valley Transit District station) and encouraging transit use,” Crites said.

Crites said encouraging people to bike can lead to healthier communities, reduced traffic and more freedom of mobility for residents.

Brhianna Malcolm works at Utah State University and has been commuting to work by bicycle daily for five years. She stopped by one of the bike week feed stations on Monday evening.

“I think people think bike commuting, even in a small town, is a little unsafe,” Malcolm said. “If you just highlight how fun and how safe it can be, I think it’s really important.”

If someone is hesitant to commute by bike but would like to give it a try, Malcolm recommends finding a friend.

“It’s always easier to do something with a partner,” Malcolm said. “So find a friend and get out.”

As part of bike week, a bicycle commuter breakfast will be served from 7 to 9 a.m. at the Cache Valley Transit District station through Friday.

Evening events for the rest of the week are as follows:

Tuesday, 5-7 p.m. Feed station at Lucky Slice Pizza, 64 Federal Ave., Logan.

Wednesday, 6-8 p.m. Bike N’ Dine on Logan’s Boulevard Trail. Participants will pay for their own food.

Thursday, 6 to 8:30 p.m. Son of Bad Asphalt: The Dirty One alleycat race. This scavenger hunt on wheels will begin at Aggie Blue Bikes and end with food at Morty’s Cafe, 780 E. 800 North. Participants can compete as individuals or a team.

Friday, 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. Closing raffle and live music at Stokes Nature Center, 2696 E. U.S. Highway 89. Social ride leaves from First Dam at 5:45 p.m. Bring your own food and drink, no glass.

Along with food, bicycle checkups and commemorative totes will be available at these stops. Passports with coupons and incentives will also be available, which serve as an entry into Friday’s social and raffle.

More information about all the events can be found The Trails Cache Facebook page.