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It's been several weeks since the the collective heads of local residents were scratched in an effort to remember which business two particular doors on Preston's State Street once opened to.

They were "rediscovered" as Todd Goodsell began remodeling the Adventure Video building into a chapel for the Franklin County Funeral Home, which stands to the building's north.

According to publications by the late Preston historian Newell Hart, at the time the doors were last used, the building was most likely a Safeway store.

It became Mel's Drug — owned and operated by Mel Burrup — in 1959. When he died in 1981, the building was sold to Greg Halls and renamed the Oakwood Pharamacy.

The building became Adventure Video in 1983 and remained so under the ownership of LuJean Young until she retired in Dec. 2020, when Goodsell purchased it.

Goodsell has since covered the doors, and installed new windows to the building. When the addition is completed, it will open into the building currently housing Franklin County Funeral Home, which remains open through the renovation.  

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