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Following Monday night’s heavy snowstorm, the City of Logan is helping residents clean up fallen branches. But the crews won’t take all the tree waste left by the storm, only what has fallen on sidewalks, park strips and roadways.

“We’ve got crews out right now … almost the entire Public Works Department out there picking up tree limbs and branches,” said Hart Wybrow, Logan Street Maintenance division manager on Wednesday.

The early season snowstorm brought unusually wet snow that clung to trees, breaking off branches that downed power lines. Although roads were cleared fairly quickly, the power outages affected thousands of homes and took several hours to resolve, leading Logan and some Cache County schools to close for the day. The remainder of Cache district schools started on a 2-hour delay, and USU cancelled classes in multiple morning time slots.

“Sounds like a gun range with all the trees popping off in Logan,” resident Samuel Woods posted to Facebook near Willow Park on Tuesday morning. “Looks like lightning with all the transformers exploding in the area too. Don’t expect power anytime soon.”

The city has asked residents via a Facebook post to take care of their own property by “hiring a private company, renting a dumpster, and/or hauling them to the green waste facility at the Logan Landfill,” open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday. Disposal is free. The City of Logan is also asking residents to check on neighbors to see if they need assistance.

“With the amount of damage that there was throughout the city, the problem was getting the right-of-way safe and passable, so we kind of focused on traveled lanes yesterday,” Wybrow said. “Then we’ll work to get everything picked up and hauled off, but we don’t have the manpower to clean up everything, so we hesitate to say ‘bring everything out.’”

Residents can help by piling trees and branches that are in the right-of-way, such as sidewalks and park strips. These are the limbs that Public Works crews will pick up, and there is no limit to how big the branches can be.

A city press release announced that all Logan parks would be closed until further notice. The city also provided a Google form to report a “down tree or limb in the public right-of-way” that does not involve electricity to help cleanup crews. The form can be accessed at (URL is case-sensitive).

Logan also asks not to call dispatch for property damages and instead to contact your insurance company.

Many residents have been quick to offer help to neighbors and community members. Several people on social media have offered their services for no charge.

Despite what Wybrow calls “a tall order,” the City of Logan expects clean up to finish by the end of the week.

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