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Vehicles travel along Main Street in Logan in this 2018 photo.

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Logan City officials are seeking public comment on two new transportation studies — the Transportation Master Plan and the Main Street Corridor Study.

“Transportation infrastructure is vital to our community and these studies are integral in supporting our tremendous growth,” said Mayor Holly Daines in the press release. “We are committed to engaging our citizens throughout the process, since their input is critical in ensuring that these efforts best represent our shared vision for mobility and access in our city.”

In an interview with The Herald Journal, Daines said the new studies will inform an update to the former transportation plan adopted in March 2013. According to a press release from the city, the Transportation Master Plan serves as a planning guide for all modes of travel. The plan will include a list of future projects for the next 30 years and a prioritized list for the first 10 years. The Main Street Corridor Study sets out to evaluate needs along Main Street while building on prior studies.

For Daines, a wide perspective to transportation should be considered. Daines said enhancing alternative forms of transportation, creating better routes across Main Street as well as other north and south travel options are all part of that perspective.

“We need to be sensitive to neighborhoods,” Daines said. “Things like air quality come into play. How do you account for growth and economic development and support the regional corridor? It’s not just through Logan city — it’s a bigger picture.”

Daines said data collection for the study was initially slated to begin in mid-March, at approximately the same time the COVID-19 pandemic took precedence and lockdowns were in effect. Daines said data collected at that time would not have accurately represented transportation patterns in Cache Valley, and the study was postponed.

“There was so much less traffic on Main Street,” Daines said. “Things were just shut down to a much greater degree than they normally are.”

In an effort to receive public feedback safely, Daines said a “totally new” website was launched to gather comments. Commenters can use a map on the website to leave comments on specific areas where a transportation concern may exist.

“It’s kind of an interesting collaboration, because two different engineering firms are doing the two different master plans,” Daines said. “They’ve collaborated to try and make it easier for the public, which I think is a good thing.”

An official public comment period begins on Monday and will remain open until Sept. 28. A virtual public meeting with study teams — consisting of consultants of the engineering firms — will be held on Tuesday from 6 to 7 p.m. to field questions from the public and provide additional details. The meet will be hosted by the city via Facebook Live.

“It is important; we’d like to hear from people,” Daines said.

The studies will continue through the spring of 2021. To find more information and to submit comments on the study, visit Interested parties can also submit comments by calling 833-248-9877 or emailing

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