Passengers embark and disembark from Route 1 at the Cache Valley Transit District bus station in Logan on Wednesday afternoon.

A new bidirectional bus route will be coming to Cache Valley a few days after the new year, about four months sooner than originally planned.

The new route will run from the north Walmart to the south Walmart and also connect Utah State University to Logan’s downtown.

“We definitely can see a lunch crowd. Rather than having to get in your car to go to lunch, you could jump on the bus,” said Todd Beutler, the general manager of the Cache Valley Transit District.

Logan Mayor Holly Daines is excited about the route and the possibilities it brings for people who want or need to travel downtown without a car.

“It really should be a great opportunity to provide a higher level of service,” Daines said.

Daines said she hopes the route will go directly to where more people want to travel and therefore encourage use.

According to Beutler, the route hits 60 percent of the major origins and destinations for riders, without requiring transfers.

“People want more convenience,” Beutler said. “They wish the bus would be quicker, would be more frequent, operate later evenings.”

In an effort to meet this desire for convenience, buses on the bidirectional route will run every 15 minutes during peak hours from 7-11 a.m. and from 3-7 p.m. During other times of the day, the buses will run every 30 minutes. Beutler said in transit, buses coming every 15 minutes or less is a “sweet spot” that allows riders to easily use the bus without knowing the schedule.

“This (route) allows us to rethink the whole system and make it more efficient,” Beutler said.

In the future, the route could be part of improving the reach of the transit system further into the smaller communities that surround Logan and potentially decrease travel time as well.

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