Sparks and Caballero

Dave Sparks, known as "Heavy D" on the Discovery Channel’s “Diesel Brothers” stands with Jose Caballero, right.

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OGDEN, Utah (AP) — The stars of the "Diesel Brothers" reality TV show have been ordered to pay nearly $1 million in legal fees on top of $848,000 in previous penalties over pollution law violations.

U.S. District Judge Robert Shelby of Utah ruled Jan. 26 that David "Heavy D" Sparks and Joshua "Redbeard" Stuart must pay $928,602 in legal fees to Utah Physicians for a Healthy Environment, the Standard-Examiner in Ogden reported Monday.

The environmental group started the legal battle in 2016 after seeing smoke-spewing trucks on the Discovery Channel show, where the crew modifies vehicles and gives away customized diesel trucks. The group later sued under the Clean Air Act, which allows people to seek civil damages against violators.

"Diesel Brothers" attorney Cole Cannon criticized the "egregious and frivolous" fee request by the legal team representing the doctors' group, which requested more than $1.4 million. He applauded Judge Shelby for rejecting about $532,000 of that request.

Shelby ruled in 2020 that the men committed about 400 Clean Air Act violations, including installing and selling devices to defeat emission controls.

They wouldn't have to pay the fees if they win an appeal pending with a 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Denver, Cannon said.

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