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Korene Greenwood performs during the 2015 Street Dance outside of Caffe Ibis. This year’s artists include Mama Longlegs and The Shipwreckers.

Much of Church Street Federal Avenue will shut down from 7-10 p.m. Friday — to cars, at least — for Caffe Ibis’ 12th annual Street Dance.

Caffe Ibis’s Dawna Anderson said after more than a decade, the event is still pretty unique in Logan.

“We have some other music events and other movie events, but I don’t know of any others where they close the street down to play good music,” Anderson said.

Bands Mama Long Legs and The Shipwreckers will play this year’s event, which is free to the public. Food will be available at Caffe Ibis and The Italian Place.

In the past the Street Dance has often been a fundraiser for Four Paws Rescue, but for the past two years it’s been billed as a customer appreciation event.

This year, the Street Dance coincides with the Downtown Gallery Walk, in which local businesses display works by local artists. Caffe Ibis has long been a stop on the Gallery Walk, and Anderson hopes arts patrons will swing by the dance afterward.

“Once the Gallery Walk is over, you can come drop by and dance a little while,” Anderson said. “People are already out and about and looking for something a little past 9 that they can still participate in.”

A notable addition to this year’s event is a booth from the City of Logan collecting input for a Public Arts Master Plan. The booth will be set up between Caffe Ibis and Lucky Slice. Through consultants Union Creative Agency of Ogden, the city is seeking ideas for how and where to locate public art projects in the city, and residents can pitch in through multiple “input activities” at the booth.

The booth will be the first public-facing event of the Public Arts Master Plan project, according to Union Creative Founder Jake McIntire.

“We’ll be there hosting a bit of a conversation and having some opportunity for community members to give input about a variety of things, partly what kind of public art they might like to see throughout Logan, where they might want to see public art, where public art is currently that we should know about,” McIntire said, “as well as kind of larger conversations about what matters to the community of Logan and what might be connected with that.”

Union Creative plans to continue gathering public input, so residents will have further opportunities to weigh in, McIntire said.

Logan Downtown Alliance Director Gary Saxton said the timing of this year’s Street Dance is especially fortunate, as it coincides with the downtown Summer Sidewalk Sale, Thursday through Saturday, in addition to the Gallery Walk.

“We’ve been a partner with Caffe Ibis since it began, and we love having that addition to downtown during the sidewalk sale and the Downtown Gallery Walk,” Saxton said. “It’s a great opportunity to just enjoy live music outside, enjoy dancing. We love to have that event downtown.”

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Steve Kent is city editor for The Herald Journal.