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Conservative commentator Glenn Beck, perhaps Cache Valley’s most famous part-time resident, announced this week he has contracted coronavirus for the second time.

Beck, who parks his jet at the Logan-Cache Airport and spends part of each year on his ranch in the Clifton area, was a guest Wednesday on the Mark Levin radio show, where he told listeners about his condition.

Asked by the host how he is doing, Beck said, “Great, except having COVID and seeing the destruction of our country.” The second part of the response was apparently a reference to the current national political situation that Beck notably views through a right-wing lens.

The reportedly unvaccinated Beck went on to say he’d had the virus for about a week. He characterized it as a lighter case than his previous bout with COVID but said he is “hitting it really hard” with doses of ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine and fluvoxamine.

He said his treatment does not include monoclonal antibodies because these have been shown less effective against the Omicron variant than they were fighting earlier forms of the virus.

“It’s now starting to go into my lungs today, which is a little disturbing … so we’ll see,” he said.

Beck has spoken publicly about his vaccination status, saying he opted against inoculation because he had COVID earlier in the pandemic and considered that to have raised his immunity.

News of his reinfection went viral on social media, drawing a flood of both well-wishes and mockery. Typical of the criticism was a post from a Twitter-user going by the satirical handle @joshheehawley1, who wrote, “Glenn Beck has Covid AGAIN. How’s that natural immunity working out for you, big guy?”

Coming to Beck’s defense was Deseret News columnist Jennifer Graham, who decried an “undercurrent of malice” for unvaccinated people who get sick. In addition to the Beck backlash, she singled out a recent Los Angeles Times commentary by Michael Hilzik headlined “Mocking anti-vaxxers’ COVID deaths is ghoulish, yes — but may be necessary.”

“In fact, mockery is absolutely the wrong reaction, and those who engage in it degrade themselves, not the target of their ridicule,” Graham wrote. “Calling unvaccinated people ‘covidiots’ and celebrating their deaths only hardens the division between people who believe the pandemic has been exaggerated and people who believe we’re not taking it seriously enough.”

Beck’s regular program broadcast on Blaze Media aired as usual on Friday with special guest U.S. Sen. Mike Lee of Utah.

“It’s ridiculous,” Beck said, referring to the social media reaction to his announcement. “I’ve done the show the entire time I’ve had COVID. I have a cough, it is into my lungs, but it’s not a bad problem, and I’ve been trending for two days with people wishing me death. It’s crazy.”

Blaze Media is headquartered in Irving, Texas, and Beck has a home in that area. The Herald Journal has been unable to determine where Beck is staying currently, but his most high-profile public appearances in Cache Valley have been in the summer.

Beck brought hundreds of people, including a youth choir, to his ranch west of Preston last July to film an Independence Day special titled “The Covenant.”

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