Taira Nieves prepares for her interview for a Highlights Magazine ad in Logan.

A Cache Valley family will be featured in a television advertisement for Highlights — a children’s magazine well known for puzzles, brainteasers and stories.

Kate Anderson and her children Hunter, Seth, and Coleman all make appearances in the commercial, along with other children from the valley. Anderson said the commercial was filmed on July 10 and took 10 hours to complete.

“It takes a lot longer than people think,” Anderson said.

Anderson said the commercial aired in September.

Anderson’s family was selected for the commercial after she responded to a call for a testimonial for the magazine. Script to Screen — a California-based marketing agency — arranged and filmed the commercial. Shayna Kerry, who works in client services at Script to Screen, said one of the company’s areas of expertise is testimonials.

“We are always looking for real and authentic users of whatever product we’re going for,” Kerry said, explaining how they use databases and surveys to facilitate testimonials. “Especially with something like Highlights, we work with the company to see if they have customers that have reached out to them.”

Anderson said her son Hunter, 10, asked for a subscription to Highlights for his birthday. Thinking highly of the magazine, and remembering it from her youth, it was a gift she was happy to give.

“Highlights also does a great job helping parents teach social and moral values without being preachy,” Anderson said in an email. “Kids can relate to the true-to-life stories and articles in the magazine. There are also plenty of games and pictures that my kids enjoy.”

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