Humane Society urges people to stop abandoning animals at shelter

In just over 24 hours this week, two dogs have been abandoned at the Cache Humane Society.

“Unfortunately it’s common and it’s extremely dangerous for these animals,” said Bri Fisher, the cat kennel manager at the shelter. “We would rather people would just come to talk to us. We are willing to work with all situations.”

According to Shelter Director Stacey Frisk, the number of animals abandoned at the shelter rather than surrendered through the proper process seems to be increasing. Since Saturday, four animals have been abandoned at the shelter, including the two dogs.

“We need an open kennel for every animal coming in the door, and that is just really challenging for us to accommodate,” Frisk said.

Thanks to the shelter’s surveillance camera, Humane Society staff were able to work with law enforcement and track down one of the individuals who dropped off a dog.

According to a post on the society’s Facebook page, they “will work with them and with law enforcement to help people understand how to help animals in our community.” As of Tuesday afternoon, the other individual who dropped off a dog has not been found.

The post also outlined why it is important that people don’t just leave animals in the parking lot of the shelter. Beyond the fact that animal abandonment is illegal, as a no-kill shelter the Humane Society never uses euthanasia to open a kennel. As a nonprofit the shelter relies on surrender fees to care for animals.

Because the shelter has limited capacity, individuals who need to surrender their animals must call and be placed on the shelter’s wait list.

Fisher said shelter staff and volunteers are happy to provide support to pet owners in need through other resources as well, such as offering help with pet behavior or providing food from the society’s pet food pantry at no cost.

She also said it is important to remember there are other shelters in the state who may be able to help.

When it comes to strays and community pets, both Frisk and Fisher said community members need to remember to call animal control at (435)753-7555 since the Humane Society can only accept animals from the pet’s owner.