At the beginning of a season filled with bright lights, family gatherings and gifts, faith leaders in the community are providing a time and space for silence, reflection and grief.

This second annual service, dedicated to prayer and healing, will be at 7 p.m. Tuesday at St. John’s Episcopal Church, 85 E. 100 North, Logan.

“Around this time of year everyone is shopping and planning and cooking, and it can be hard to feel like there is any time or place to deal with the shadow emotions that we have,” said Meghan Vail, the pastor at the First Presbyterian Church.

Vail and the pastors at Prince of Peace Lutheran as well as St. John’s Episcopal recognized loss in the community and wanted to provide a place of healing. Loss doesn’t just mean death, Vail said; loss can include job loss, family friction or just being far from loved ones during the holidays.

“This goes beyond any religious or faith identity,” Vail said. “This is our common human experience.”

The community service will not have a sermon but rather feature local musicians playing the organ, harp and cello.

“We want people to come as they are and participate as they feel moved,” Vail said.

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