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A local man is trying to make high-conflict divorce counseling available in Cache Valley.

Rob Boudrero owns A Million Dreams Woodworking in Logan and said he has been talking with several local leaders, as well as Sen. Chris Wilson and Rep. Dan Johnson, to get resources for high-conflict counseling.

“I started three online petitions,” Boudrero said. “We’ve got big dreams and hopes to help the downtrodden in this valley. We want to make this valley better and better and not go backwards because the growth is inevitable.”

At Thursday’s Hyrum City Council meeting, Boudrero spoke to the council about why he felt high-conflict divorce counseling is needed in the valley.

Reading from his prepared statement, Boudrero said the reason he’s invested in making the counseling available is because his uncle, Michael, was murdered in 2003 by his ex-wife’s boyfriend after they went through a divorce.

“My grandmother was the last person to speak with him and my father was the last person to wave goodbye and see his brother alive,” Boudrero said. “This was due to his ex-wife and the high-conflict divorce that they had. This went on for years to no avail. The police weren’t fully equipped or trained to deal with any of these problems.”

Boudrero said his wife, Genevieve Boudrero, also went through a high-conflict divorce.

Boudrero asked the council to vocalize the need for high-conflict divorce counseling to state leaders in order to receive the funding for services.

The goal is to provide the resources at The Family Place, an organization that provides therapy and educational services for families and children. Boudrero said his own family uses and loves The Family Place and hopes more services can be added, including a center for autism.

Having high-conflict divorce counseling in the valley will benefit families with abusive members who refuse to seek help, Boudrero said.

“I’ve talked to a lot of people that are like, ‘Yeah I’ve had a bad divorce.’ It’s taking people’s excuses away, whether it’s abusive men or women or whatever that don’t want to do counseling,” he said.

Boudrero said there is urgency to have the people of Cache Valley speak up about wanting the counseling, saying there won’t be any funding without people petitioning.

“We need this,” he said. “We want to see something in Cache Valley because there’s so many high-conflict divorces, and the people affected the most are the children and we can’t let this happen to the children. We’ve got to do this for the children and the families affected by this and make it that much better for people.”

Wilson and Johnson both said they are planning to meet with Boudrero later this summer to discuss the issue further.

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