anna anawalt bicycle brent

Anna Anawalt wrote and recorded a song about Bicycle Brent that can be viewed on YouTube.

LOGAN, Utah — Over the years, Anna Anawalt connected with Brent Carpenter the way many valley residents have — waving to him as he rides by on his bicycle.

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Anawalt said this simple gesture of kindness has been very impactful for her. One morning when she was thinking about the good done by Carpenter, better known as “Bicycle Brent,” the thought came to her to write a song.

“I just had a feeling that this man needs a song written about him, and I am the one to do it,” Anawalt said.

A native of Mendon, Anawalt has been playing and teaching music for years. When she decided to write the song about Carpenter, she wanted to create a happy, energetic piece with a folk/bluegrass feel.

“I really wanted to, through the work, portray an image,” Anawalt Bicycle Brent

said. “An image of Brent, of the bright, happy, colorful bicycling presence that he has.”

Before writing the song, Anawalt decided to learn more about Carpenter. She reached out to his sister Linda, who told her about Carpenter’s early life.

Anawalt was able to work some of these details into her piece, including Linda’s nickname for Carpenter’s collection of clip-on stuffed figures — do-das. Linda loved this reference.

“She did a really good job,” Linda said.

Linda also said she is amazed by the way her brother has touched individuals like Anawalt.

“I am just astounded at the effect he has on people,” Linda said.

That effect is exactly why Anawalt wanted to create a musical tribute to Brent.

“It’s just such a wonderful, unique thing to see him,” Anawalt said. “He has really become an icon. Just that image of Brent in the valley, I think, brings people happiness as soon as they see him.”

“Her music really worked well with these photos and enhanced things even further in describing his life and all the joy that he brings to others,” Linton said.

The song and video were shared on social media earlier this week, and Anawalt said the community response is exactly what she had hoped to see.

“So many people are posting memories and happy thoughts about Brent and appreciation for the tribute to him,” Anawalt said.

Local musicians Craig Mecham, Kelin Gibbons and Micheal Wechter performed for the track's recording. WhySound's Taylor Ross Wilson was the sound engineer.

Anawalt’s song and the video made by Linton can be found on YouTube by searching “Bicycle Brent Song.”