bike park PHOTO (copy)

Barrett Lyons rides his bike at the Bridger Bike Park in this 2019 image.

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Editor's Note: Logan Parks and Recreation Department issue this press release on Friday:

This is a reminder to park patrons that park restrooms will be opened beginning April 15. This annual date is chosen for its probability of overnight low temperatures being above 32-degrees Fahrenheit, thus protecting water pipes in the restrooms.

Park pavilion reservations are now being accepted for the 2021 season. We are happy to assist you in person at the Logan Community Recreation Center located at 195 S 100 W, over the phone at (435)716- 9250 or online at

Bridger Bike Park is open unless wet conditions due to weather or scheduled maintenance. At designated off-leash dog areas (Jens Johansen Park – 850 East 100 North; Jones Neighborhood Park – 400 West 625 North; Kilowatt Park – 331 South 300 West; Pioneer Parkway – 165 E. Poplar Avenue; Ray Hugie Hydro Park , North-side of US 89 at Canyon Road; Logan Service Center East Lawn Area – 810 West 600 North, Rendezvous Park Dog Park – 1500 South US 89-91; Dry Canyon Dog Run Area at the east end of Mountain Road behind the flood impoundments; and the Deer Pen dog run area (unfenced) at 1500 North between the canal and Aspen Drive) dog waste must be bagged and placed in provided trash cans in City parks. On all Logan City trails, dogs must be on a leash and under the owner’s control. Dog waste must be bagged and disposed of in provided trash cans. Do not leave bagged dog waste on trails or trail shoulders. As a reminder, dogs are not permitted in Logan City parks unless designated as an off-leash dog area.

To report a problem, please contact the Logan Parks and Recreation Department at (435) 716-9250 Monday through Saturday, 7:00 am-5:00 pm, or email at lrc.frontdesk@loganutah.orgFor more information concerning this or other Logan Parks and Recreation Department programs or facilities contact us at (435) 716-9250 or stop by 195 South 100 West, Logan or visit us at

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