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The unofficial Logan election results are in, re-electing Holly Daines as mayor and Amy Anderson and Ernesto Lopez to Municipal Council.

“I’m feeling humbled, I’m feeling relieved, I’m feeling pleased that I have the opportunity to work for the citizens for four more years, finish up some projects, and keep doing more things to improve our beautiful city,” Daines said.

She plans to continue focusing on infrastructure, downtown revitalization, parks and trails and neighborhood councils.

“The vote shows that people think I’m moving in the right direction,” she added.

Dee Jones, who fell short to Daines by about 1,500 votes, plans to take some time for himself and continue working on his business, the Event Center.

“I would like to thank everyone that helped me and supported me during this campaign,” he said. “It’s true what they say, that you really find out who your friends are when you run for public office. And I found out that I have a lot of tremendous friends. I think we also raised awareness and brought some accountability to the mayor’s office, of what we the citizens expect from our local leaders.”

Anderson expressed gratitude not only to those who supported her campaign, but for those who supported all the candidates and took time to vote.

“Logan had three really solid candidates. The results point to that too,” she said. “It was pretty close amongst the three of us. I’m happy that I get to serve Logan for four more years.”

Anderson messaged López to congratulate him on being the top “vote getter” and thanked Garrity for a good race. She also encouraged Garrity to stay involved.

As for Daines’ reelection, Anderson called it a “big victory” for her.

“It points to the fact that the citizens think the city is moving in the right direction with the focus on recreating downtown and encouraging business growth,” she said.

López echoed Daines’ and Anderson’s feelings of gratitude, stating that those who helped him along the way deserved just as much credit for the win as he did.

“This is not just one person doing all the work,” he said. “This is multiple people that have helped me along the way. They deserve quite a bit of the credit for helping me get everything together and keeping me organized with all the things I needed to do. I couldn’t do it by myself.”

López also thanked the community for their trust and said he felt “very humbled” by the win.

Garrity responded in a written statement about his thoughts and feelings about the election prior to results:

“As some are aware, one of my goals has been to work with city staff to generate an annual report for the redevelopment agency (RDA) budget. Yesterday I received an email from our economic development director, Kirk Jensen, informing me the first draft has been uploaded to the Logan City website. I really appreciate his efforts and I’m excited to see that some of the wheels are already being put into motion. While I certainly believe holding a seat on the city council will increase my ability to effect change, getting elected is merely a means to an end. Anyone can make a difference, elected or not.

“I am incredibly grateful to all who have supported me on this journey. I’m hoping things go our way tonight, but if they don’t I want to let everybody know I will continue serving our community. You can too! If you liked the positive changes I promoted throughout my campaign, commit now to helping me see them through — win or lose. Nobody can do this alone. Thank you for all you have done and all that you will do!”

Garrity did confirm that both winners had reached out to him. In addition to his statement before the election, he added that he would still continue to be involved in the community.

“I’m taking this time to enjoy some much needed rest,” he said. “I’ll make a game plan later.”

For those who might wonder about the vote totals for mayor and Municipal Council aren’t the same, Teresa Harris, city recorder for Logan, explained that the totals don’t always line up because residents can choose not to vote for one race.

“Some of the ballots are just, they vote for one council member or they just vote for mayor and not any of the council members,” she said. “They don’t take advantage of the full opportunity of voting for the mayor and two council members.”

Harris added that this is a question asked every election, but said people have a right to choose not to vote for a particular race. This year, two ballots were returned blank, but there were no spoiled ballots, meaning the resident voted for more candidates than allowed.

Voter turnout was 30.7%, which is what Harris expected it to be. Turnout for the entire county was about 40%.

The unofficial results can be viewed below; official results will be posted after canvassing on Nov. 16.


  • Daines: 3,854 (62%)

Jones: 2,349 (38%)


  • Anderson: 4,004 (35%)

Garrity: 3,526 (30%)

  • López: 4,040 (35%)


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