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Mayor Holly Daines is running for re-election against one opponent, Dee Jones.

Both Daines and Jones declared their candidacy June 1. People can declare their candidacy for a City Council position and for mayor until 5 p.m. on June 7.

Daines, who was elected in 2017, said she’s running again because she wants to complete the many projects she’s been overseeing in her current term, some of which Jones views as unnecessary.

“We have so many great projects going and hope to complete the good work we’re doing,” she said.

One of the projects is downtown revitalization. The beautification project for Center Street was completed last year, and Daines said there are plans to complete the Center Block Plaza.

“It’s been approved and funded, and we’re currently working on architectural designs finalizing that with the architect,” she said.

Daines said the city is also working on projects with parks and trails.

“We’ve done some great things with our trails, and we have some more possibilities,” she said. “We just announced a conservation easement along the Logan River and I’d like to help plan that and make sure we get the trails installed and make that a wonderful place for the public to enjoy.”

Other projects Daines said she wants to work on in her next term include transportation projects, a tunnel under Main Street, a new library, new housing and other developments to buildings on Main Street.

“There’s much to be done, both downtown and all throughout our city,” she said.

Daines’ opponent Jones said some of those projects aren’t suiting the needs of Logan.

Jones, 60, was born and raised in the valley and attended Utah State University. The entrepreneur said he has no political background but that he is a “staple in the community.”

Jones said many of Daines’ projects aren’t going to return investment.

“That’s going to cause some grief down the road,” he said. “We need to bring in jobs. We need to elevate the average yearly salary.”

Jones said he’d like to bring clean industry into the valley to create more high-paying jobs. He said some families and individuals are financially struggling, speculating that about 60% of the families that get food from the Cache Food Pantry are from Logan.

“There’s been no leadership to get out and recruit clean industry and high-paying jobs, and that’s what this valley needs if we’re going to keep up with the world and the economy,” he said.

In addition to industry, Jones said he wants to get the community more involved and said he likes the idea of having six members on the Logan Municipal Council instead of five.

“I want the community to know if I’m mayor, they have a voice,” he said. “Their vote matters. My administration is going to be transparent.”

Daines and Jones are both affiliated with the Republican Party. The primary election will be Aug. 10 and the general election is Nov. 2.

So far, Amy Anderson, Keegan Garrity and Ernesto Lopez have declared their candidacy to run for city council. Anderson and Lop-ez currently serve on the council.

Both the mayor and council positions are 4-year terms.

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