Sue Zollinger sits in the middle of a flower and vegetable garden that she built in the front of her home in Logan.

Busy bees and playful moths fly around Logan resident Sue Zollinger’s garden, where the colors of different plants and flowers harmoniously working together to decorate the front lawn of her home.

“There’s lots of bees out there,” Zollinger said. “I was reading a nonfiction and the guy was talking about ‘the shrubs were boiling with bees,’ and actually if you walk through my garden, they’re ‘boiling with bees.’”

Zollinger is a retired engineer and currently works at Lowe’s working with plants and other gardeners.

“It’s what I love,” Zollinger said.

She said her love for gardens and plants started when she watched the 1949 movie “The Secret Garden” when she was in the sixth grade.

“I just became a plant addict,” Zollinger said.

When she was older, Zollinger said, she started gardening and decided she wanted to create a place where people want to go to relax and hang out.

“I felt like I accomplished that when the neighbor kids would come and hang out in my yard” while living in Idaho, Zollinger said. “I had two acres in the middle of nowhere and my nearest neighbor was a half mile away, but the kids would come and hang out in my yard.”

When she moved to Logan, her front yard was lawn and she decided she would rather have a garden with flowers than a lawn — without affecting the amount of water used for the garden.

“I decided this cost the same as that, and I like this better than that,” Zollinger said. “I hate mowing.”

Zollinger’s eyes lit up as she gave a tour of her garden on Tuesday, showing the different plants. She enjoys sitting in the middle of the garden to enjoy the bees and flowers.

Her garden is considered a potager garden, meaning Zollinger intermingled different flowers, vegetables, fruits and herbs.

The plants in her garden are tightly planted to avoid the use of mulch and help reduce weeds so she doesn’t have to use weed-killing chemicals.

Because of the way the garden is planted, according to Zollinger, it doesn’t require much work. She says she does a bucket of weeds a day.

“I don’t mind weeding because it’s meditative,” Zollinger said. “You’re enjoying the rest of the flowers as you’re weeding.”

Even though sometimes she thinks she could have planned the setup of the garden better, she says she’s spontaneous and wants to experiment with her garden to see how the plants come together.

“The idea is that it will come to its own little harmonious whatever,” Zollinger said. “If I just let it go, things will find their own harmony.”

Zollinger said she will probably continue to experiment and hopes to continue working in her garden for many years to come.